- In times of need, let's help each other.

In light of the current social and economic situation, the SBU Swiss Barkeeper Union has created an additional, independent association ‘Helping Shaker’. The goal is to help and support Swiss barkeepers in need during these challenging times.

Barkeepers in need can send their request to Helping Shaker (please find all information in the statutes and regulations). All requests will be treated confidentially.

All activities, operations and financial aspects of Helping Shaker are held separately from the SBU Swiss Barkeeper Union.

Helping Shaker will regroup and be financed by donations, membership fees and initiatives of sponsors.

The founding members: Peter Roth (advisory member), Marcel Giger (treasurer), Michael Schneider (vice president), Kathrin Leisi (president)

Statutes & regulations

HELPING SHAKER | Regulations

Help & support

A benefits portfolio is currently being put in place for members in need.

To help as well, please see the regulation and subscribe via the form, to support by becoming a member or via other initiatives.

Helping Shaker, Route du lac 264, 1787 Môtier
PostFinance 15-625961-4, CH52 0900 0000 1562 5961 4

All ideas and thoughts to help are very appreciated.


Thank you

Thank you to the Helping Shaker donators:

  • Campari Schweiz (Negroni Week)
  • Heerenga Pauline
  • Dr. Landolt Stephan
  • Roth Peter
  • The Seventh Sense (Your Drink in a box)

Helping Shaker thanks also all donators who are not mentioned due to various reasons.


Kathrin Leisi
Route du lac 264
1787 Môtier