August 20, 2017 @ 16:00 – 22:00
6815 Melide
Gessjca Ferraro

Trofeo Ticino 2107 – Mini, Little, Small … Short – The Rules

the rules

The competition is open for everyone, who is working in gastronomy.

The are 3 tables with different products (Gin-, Rum-and Whisky-based). You will be drawn to one of this
3 portfolios. From the moment you‘ve seen your portfolio, you have 15 minutes to create a new drink (max. 5 ingriedients incl. garnish). Find a sexy name for your creation, write your recipe on the official form and give it to the jury within the 20 minutes.

Each competitor will bring his/her bartending tools, glassware and disguises needed for the competition.

The SBU and Charles Hofer SA will provide ALL ingredients allowed.

In the office you have to prepare a decoration with all the fruits you‘ll find there.

On stage you have 6 minutes to mix 4 drinks. The Shortdrinks will be judged by an open jury (taste, technic, style).

the registration

deadline for registration is 10.08.2017

(The SBU reserves the right to cancel the event with less than 10 registrations.)

Please organize your hotelroom by yourself (check availability at the Hotel Dellago in Melide – 091 649 70 41)