We are happy to present you the new frame of our SBU-Courses:

more professionalism, more knowledge and more practice!

SBU Diploma Courses are available in German and French. The Courses are set on 4 full days and finish with the exam for the official SBU-Diploma.

Swiss Barkeeper Union is the official Association for barkeepers in Switzerland since 1927 and is part and founder-member of IBA International Bar Association as part of 60 official national bartenders guilds in the world. Our course is dedicated to bartenders (professional and beginners) who wish to obtain a large covered information of knowledge and practice about professional barkeeping.

The first objective of SBU Diploma Courses is to pass a solid base competence for your job as a bartender.

The second one is the opportunity to get a free-pass to the annual Official Swiss Cocktail Championships, competing in the category “Active”. Only active competitors are competing for the title “Official Swiss Cocktail Champion”.


Course in French:
Tuesday 11th September – Wednesday 12th September & Tuesday 25th September – Wednesday 26th September 2018
More informations in French
Programme F Diploma

Courses in German:
– Tuesday 7th August – Wednesday 8th August & Monday 27th August – Tuesday 28th August 2018, in Zermatt, for ritzy-members ONLY!

– Monday 3rd September – Tuesday 4th September & Monday 17th September – Tuesday 18th September 2018, in Z├╝rich, open for ALL participants.
More informations in German
Programm D Diplomkurs