The Swiss Finalists for Calvados Nouvelle Vogue 2013 at Deauville are:

LAURA SCHUERCH (Professional,
 La Cène Fribourg)  &  VINCENT GRISEL (Student, Bar Academy

Winner recipes of the Swiss selection at Club Chat Noir, Carouge 28th of january 2013:


Hurricane Magic (Laura Schürch, La Cène, Fribourg)

3 cl Calvados Boulard (Dettling & Marmot)

1 cl Crème de pêche de vigne J. Cartron (Charles Hofer SA)

1 cl Purée de fruit de la passion Monin (Fruchtpunkt GmbH)

1 cl Sirop de Jasmin Monin (Fruchtpunkt GmbH)


La dame de Shangaï (Vincent Grisel, Bar Academy)

3 cl Calvados Boulard (Dettling & Marmot)

1 cl Liqueur de coco Monin (Fruchtpunklt GmbH)

1 cl Liqueur de Litchi M;onin (Fruchtpunkt GmbH)

2 cl Chambord (Dettling & Marmot

2 cl Sirop Hibiscus Monin (Fruchtpunkt GmbH)

The Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies… will be riding high on the wave this year

to take you aboard a legendary cruise ship, for a transatlantic crossing full of charm!

Founded in 1860, Deauville’s history was concurrent to that of the great transatlantic crossings. And although the

gateway between Europe and the United States was established on the opposite bank, in Le Havre, the echo of

these legendary crossings from Normandy to New York resounded as far as the famous Deauville boardwalk.

On board: luxury, ultimate comfort and, of course… cocktails!

The Compagnie Générale Transatlantique’s ships were genuine luxury hotels on water, waiting on their rich

passengers hand and foot. They made all efforts to ensure that the five-day crossing that separated France and

the United States was a truly unforgettable one. At the time of these legendary crossings, prohibition was still in

force in the United States. From 1919 to 1933, alcohol consumption was strictly forbidden on American soil.

However, out in the high seas, prohibition simply evaporated aboard foreign cruise ships…

Cocktails, a festive symbol of American culture, were hence offered the perfect opportunity to enchant European


2013, year of the stars

This year, the Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies will be focusing on charm and seduction. As the

New York State prepares to enter the competition, as Deauville hosts an exhibition on the French Line, let’s

embark aboard one of those splendid cruise ships and create a cocktail worthy of the Star of your choice.

Rita Hayworth, Brigitte Bardot, Cary Grant, Charlie Chaplin, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich… and so many others,

were familiar with these crossings, over which time literally stood still. And why not imagine that a contemporary

star such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp or George Clooney – who surely appreciates more than just a

cup of coffee – or any other star of your liking, arrives at your bar and asks you to concoct a cocktail that portrays

his or her personality?

Click here  to download the document: Inspiration Stars

The Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies are cocktail’s creation competition – short and long

drinks – using Calvados apple brandy as a base.

 Invited Bartenders’ Associations to the International Final:





Brittany – Pays de la Loire



Midi Pyrenees

Paris / Isle of France

Touraine – Poitou

Provence Côte d’Azur

Rhone Alpes

 Professional Barmen’s Associations from :

 Germany / D.B.U

Belgium / U.B.B

Denmark / D.B.L.

Holland / N.B.C

Italy / A.I.B.E.S

Luxembourg / A.L.B

Switzerland / S.B.U

Finland / F.B.S.K

Estonia / E.B.A

Poland / P.B.A

Norway / N.B.F

Russia / B.A.R

New York / U.S.B.G