August 21, 2016 @ 16:00 – 22:00
Salita Castelgrande 18
6500 Bellinzona
Dirk Hany

You will be competing in teams of two. Every team has to haven at least one contender working actively in the hospitality field. Each contender is only allowed to be part of one team.

The theme of the competition is

A castle pre Dinner Cocktail

The Rules


In your team you will have to undergo different medieval challenges to earn different ingredients for your cocktail. You will have to play for different spirit, and filler tables. Once each team has obtained theses you will have time to create and try your cocktail, prepare your setup and train your routine. The recipe used for the presentation must be delivered to the jury not later than 30 Minutes after begin of preparation. All types of preparation types are allowed (ex. Infusions) but have to be produced on site and during the preparation time.

On stage:

On stage each team will have five minutes to prepare their station. Then another five minutes to mix and present three identical cocktails. The performance and presentations as a team is highly rated! So be creative and funny and theme relevant.

There will be no technical jury, but severe mistakes can be penalized. (Dangerous working techniques, cheating, etc. )

Each team will bring their bartending tools, glassware and disguises needed for the competition.

The SBU and Charles Hofer SA will provide ALL ingredients allowed.

Following points can be awarded:


  • 15 Points Appearance
  • 10 Points Smell
  • 25 Points Taste

Team Presentation:

  • 15 Points Team Work / Team symbiosis
  • 35 Points Difficulty of Team Work

Total Point potential: 100


  • -1 Point per 5 Seconds – Passing Time limit
  • Severe mistakes (bottle brake, not complying to the delivered recipe etc)

5 Points – Delivering recipe later than 30 minutes

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